Facebook to Allow Corporations To Create Profiles – They Are People Too

November 1, 2011

In a move undoubtedly to be met with world wide support, Facebook has announced Corporate Profiles. These profiles will be created by corporations themselves. Corporations will be able to friend other corporations, indicate their acquisition status, add their mood as it relates to their employees and the public and be able to, as normal for Facebook, add updates.

“These profiles are a long time in coming,” said Facebook spokesman Zark Mukerburg. “We really want to show the humanity of the corporation. It’s high time they got their voice.”

Anti-corporation spokesman Moonbeam ChildofLight had this to say, “We think this is horrible. Corporations are not people! I will not ‘like’ anything any of them say.”

Facebook itself was the first corporation to create a profile. It said of itself, “I know everything about you”, set its mood to ‘happy’, it’s activity to ‘world domination’, and its acquisition status to “acquiring everyone”.

Several other companies also began creating profiles. When Exxon said of itself, “I love black ooze on beaches,” the service was suddenly canceled. When asked why the service was so suddenly canceled, Facebook had this to say, “We’ll still keep their information”.

As you should! What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.


November 2011
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