Dating Website Ashley Madison to Offer Human – Cat Cheating Site Catnups

June 22, 2013

Dating website Ashly Madison has announced they intend to help a large underserved group in society. “For years we have helped cheating spouses find that special disease free someone. Now, we look to help another underserved group in society. For far too long, cat lovers, who have had a long crush on a neighborhood kitty, have had no where to turn. Sure, you have a great tabby or rascally orange, but what does your heart want? Do you need that siamese that’s winked at you for years from your neighbors window? Must you spend nights longing to snuggle with that beautiful Aegean owned by your cousin Susan? If so, we have a new site for you. Catnups. After all, Life is short, Have a Catffair.”

Company spokesman Rex O’hurl-ahan has this to say, “We think it’s just great. Cat lovers everywhere sometimes just need to wander. We provide full services where cats and Humans can find each other and have that special moment.”

Recent profiles on the site include “Trixe – a feisty two year old American shorthair with an itch that needs scratchin”, “Kei Kah –  a hairless Bambino that needs a good long rub”, and “Smooches, a russian Donskoy that just wants to kick back with a good bottle of vodka, some catnip and a warm lap.”

Cat lover and long time recluse, Susan Catlover Collins had this to say, “I can’t wait to join. There’s a special Australian Mist that just moved onto our street. I’m hoping he joins!”

We do too. To all the future cheating cat lovers in the world, enjoy your, well, whatever it is you call it!

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