Hillary Clinton to GOP ‘I am going to F*@# you up!’

June 20, 2013

Hillary Clinton today sent a message to the GOP when asked what she was going to do in 2016. Hillary responded, “Well, I can’t really tell you about my intentions for the White House as we aren’t sure yet. But no matter what my intentions are, I do plan on totally destroying the GOP. To use an online term, I’m going to PWN them. They won’t see the Oval Office again until the third decade of this century, and maybe not then. Trust me. And that’s without me running for president. Hear that GOP? I’m going to fuck you up.”

The Tomato tracked down Chelsea Clinton and she had this to say, ” “.

We here at the tomato love democracy and it’s good to see the 2016 session is off to a full swing. We tracked down several leading GOP contenders and they had this to say regarding their own runs for the White House in 2016:

Chris Christie “Am I even a republican anymore?”

Sarah Palin “Flapjacks!”

Ted Cruz “I’m from Canada”

Jeb Bush “I”m changing my last name to Busch. At least they made good beer.”

Marco Rubio “I”m quitting politics and going to star in the remake of Scarface.”

Indeed, we can’t wait to see it! To all the candidates we wish a hearty good luck. We can’t wait to watch!

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