Jungle Gold Producer Proves Show Is Real – Discovery Channel Fires Crew

September 7, 2013

In a shocking admission sure to set Discovery Channel on fire, recent sub-producer Miles McMiles Mileston came forward and declared that the show that everyone believed was fake, is actually real.

“I went into the execs offices with tapes proving that everything we were doing was 100% real. And they fired me,” Miles was quoted as saying.

“We can’t have these shows be actually real, unscripted shows. If we did that, well, golly, no one would watch! Just go outside and see people. We have to have the drama!” Senior Vice-Exec of day time office hours Bob Seemywilly Roberts said.

Show stars George and Scott, stars of the show and intrepid gold hunters, had this to say. “We’ve been telling everyone it’s real ever since we got a script.”

Spokesman in the country of Ghana had this say, “If we see them,we shoot them. Then it will be real!”

Preacher and Wendy’s founder Dave Thomas had this say, “Look man, it’s simple. No problem. You come here, yah? You come here mate, you do your thing! No problem. Praise the Jesus man. Now give me 50 large or no problem.”

Whether or not the show would continue as they were recently run out of Ghana is anyones guess. If only they could partner with Bear Grylls, now that would be a solid Real Reality show!

September 2013
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