Avid NFL Fans Have Plan to Stop Teams from Moving

November 5, 2013

An online petition is in the works, and it just might keep your favorite NFL team right where it is. The petition’s creators hope that with enough fan support and signatures, they can convince the NFL to prohibit teams from changing their name if they relocate to another city. “You give years of your love and support to a team—and then poof, they leave” says Mark Miller, who still feels the pang of despair after his beloved Oilers left Houston for Tennessee. “It was sort of like what I felt when my wife divorced me and took our two kids. But they were only toddlers, so I really wasn’t that attached to them. This is football. I’d been an Oilers fan as far back as I can remember.”

He is not alone in his sentiment, as Cleveland native Sam Burke will attest. “I love our current team, don’t get me wrong. But when Art Modell moved the real team to Baltimore, it left behind a void, just an empty place in my heart. I think some team owners will think twice if they can’t change the name along with the venue. Do you think people will really want to root for the Arizona Dolphins or the Denver Seahawks? How about the Williamsburg Bills, the Oklahoma Texans or the Green Bay Browns? Can you imagine Howie Long and Terry Bradshaw trying to keep straight faces while discussing the San Francisco Cowboys or—worse—the San Francisco Packers?”

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